BOUNDS (single)

When a deep connection with another is present, all that it takes is one look to know what’s on someone’s mind. One of the most rewarding human conditions is connection. If we are lucky, we will fall into some relationships so naturally and effortlessly the connection can’t be stopped and spans the rest of our collective lifetimes. Being that close to another is an honor and a privilege that is quite remarkable. Love knows no bounds.

All proceeds from BOUNDS goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital
Maze EP Album Cover
MAZE, the sophomore EP, contains three new songs about a return to love, the light, and perseverance. MAZE delivers from a place of thanks, exploring the collective experiences that remind us we are all human.
The Heart Aches EP Album Cover
THE HEART ACHES, the debut EP, contains three emotive, acoustic-driven rock tunes – featuring classic songwriting with influences from Alice in Chains to Willie Nelson. With each note and dynamic intentional, delivered with passion and intensity, THE HEART ACHES is a heartfelt work of love and loss.